Our mission is to simplify OS Migrations


Swimage was first developed in 1993 on the basic principle that companies can achieve a high level of efficiency in IT management by optimizing how people, process, and technology are applied to achieve a unified goal.
Through automation and process refinement, our customers have stretched their IT dollar much further, enforce standards throughout the organization, and have a more secure, more agile computing environment.

Swimage Simplifies Desktop Provisioning, Migration, and Deployment

Every PC is deployed several times in its life.  Typically this process is avoided and prolonged due to its complexity, risk, and time.  Swimage changes this.

20+ years in the making, Swimage is a game-changer.

Zero User Downtime
Zero Data Loss

Challenges Solved with Swimage

Fear/Risk of data loss

Users and technicians fear deployments due to the risk of data loss. With Swimage, data is encapsulated on the machine and never removed so it can never be lost. For PC swaps we use Direct Data transfer to transfer data from PC to PC, automatic roll back guarantees data is never lost, ever. This includes known data and obscure file extensions.

Fear/Risk of migration failure

Zero touch is commonly not used due to high rate of failure, making recovery expensive and painful to the user. With Swimage all accessible machines can be ensured a successful deployment due to its robust validation and deployment resiliency.

Managing and patching images

Typically an environment maintains lots of images that are difficult to manage and patch due to hardware dependencies and embedded applications. Because Swimage creates and maintains the image automatically, the image remains agile, deploys faster, is not dependent on hardware, and is never vulnerable to viruses.

Managing and reinstalling a huge variety of applications

Manual reinstallation of applications creates inconsistencies, is very time consuming, and is prone to either missing an application or reinstalling unwanted applications. With Swimage, approved applications are automatically detected and reinstalled. Furthermore, additional applications based on the user’s role are also automatically installed on existing or bare metal computers.

Managing drivers for a huge variety on hardware models

Typically, many images are created which include hardware drivers and departmental requirements or images are bloated to accommodate many variations. Both options make updating images an arduous task. With Swimage, collecting and organizing drivers could not be easier. Our automated driver extraction process, provisions and quickly and organizes drivers into a concise library that dynamically deploys on the fly.

Managing the end-user and upper management’s expectations

The impact to end users are often exacerbated by the lack of communication around deployment schedules. With Swimage, an automatically e-mail is sent to each user the moment their machine is targeted which includes a list of the approved applications that will be re-installed and a deployment timeline. The targeted users, have input into their own provisioning and deployment.

Knowing the exact state of every PC, before, during, and after the migration

Deployment engineers need to continually visit each computer being deployed to know of its progress. Additionally, many problems are not discovered until well after the deployment. However, Swimage shows the real-time status of all deployments globally from the moment they are targeted through completion. The dashboard can be accessed by any deployment engineer anywhere in the world from a web-based console to directly interact with the system.

Something going wrong

Typically a migration is one direction, creating a risk if something happens along the way. Swimage on the other hand can be reversed and restarted as many time as needed, “just in case”. Swimage does this with our patented snapshot and rollback features. This snapshot protects all data on the PC and allows rollback of the entire system to its pre-deployment state in minutes.

Migrating and Encrypted PC

Without Swimage, Encrypted drives can add 12-24 hours to the deployment. With Swimage, encrypted drives remain encrypted throughout the deployment by utilizing our patented key transfer technology, keeping drives secure throughout the migration and saving time otherwise spent decrypting then re-encrypting drives.

Migrating PCs in small locations or home offices in remote locations

Migrating PCs in small locations or home offices in remote locations

Migrating across trusted or untrusted Domains

Migrating users from one domain to another is not easy, especially if there is not trust between the domains. If done incorrectly, users may not have data restored to the correct profile, have right/access issues to their own data, or be missing data altogether. Swimage ensure that profiles get migrated by mapping the profiles at the SID level, pre and post, to ensure they get migrated properly. Swimage will also re ACL the profile to ensure the users rights to their data also migrates as part of the process.

Proper project management and reporting

Keeping track of large-migrations as they progress is challenging, time consuming, and expensive. Swimage has a back-end database and reporting engine that will track all migrations real-time and automatically generate and email daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports.

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