Self Migration Kit Tutorial

The Swimage Kit will help you reimage your PC and fully migrate it to the Corporate network.  The process takes approximately two hours to complete.  The Swimage Deployment Kit is contained on the Swimage USB flash drive.

The two scenarios in which you might use the Swimage Deployment Kit are:


In-Place Migration


  • For PCs to be migrated in-place
  • Requires…
    • Swimage USB Flash Drive
    • Connection to the Internet
    • 5 min to initiate
    • Between 30 and 60 minutes total wait time

Hardware Replacements


  • Side-by-side migration
  • Requires…
    • Swimage USB Flash Drive
    • Swimage Cross-over cable
    • Connection to the Internet
    • 5 to 10 min to initiate


Please choose your applicable migration type to start the tutorial

I have the same PC, I am just updating my image

PC Reimage Tutorial

I have a new PC, and I want to migrate my old data over

Hardware Replacement Tutorial